Voices of Jazz is a Dunedin, FL based big band that features classic big band jazz and swing music as well as modern arrangements of popular tunes. Our members are engaging and energetic volunteers who participate purely for the love of music, the enjoyment of playing their instruments and their passion for performing. This year, Voices of Jazz is celebrating 16 years of playing in the Tampa Bay Area. We would love to see you at some of our upcoming performances!

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Mission Statement

The primary function of Voices of Jazz is to provide a creative outlet for musicians, artists and entertainers through music and exhibition of talent in the highest quality. The objective for its members is to allow them the freedom to showcase their individual talents in an atmosphere of precision, discipline and uniformity while achieving a rewarding social experience. To achieve this objective Voices of Jazz philosophy is to encourage each and every member to perfect their diverse talents to a level of proficiency that will entertain audiences and provide participant satisfaction. Voices of Jazz endeavors to provide performers with a rewarding social experience, and to deliver to the audience a performance that is both exciting and of the highest quality allowed by the activity.

Voices of Jazz Annual Scholarship Program

Voices of Jazz, as a non-profit organization, strives each year to award a $1,000 scholarship to two local high school students. One award, the Danny Mariscal Memorial Scholarship Award, is presented to a Dunedin High School music student. The second is awarded to another local student selected from the nominees provided by our members. We are proud of this tradition and count on the small performance fees and listener gratuities to make this happen each year.

In addition, we also offer a music CD of 20 live performances at a cost of $10.
All of these monies go toward our scholarship fund. CDs are available at every public performance.

"Music has always been an important part of my life and I am excited for the opportunities that I may have in the coming years. The scholarship that you have given me will definitely help me achieve the goals that I have set for myself, and I am very thankful."

- Susan Lindemann, 2022 Recipient

Susan is a graduate of Dunedin High School who plays cello and piano. They plan to attend the University of South Florida to pursue a Bachelor of Music degree with a Performance Concentration. After college, Susan's goals are to join a professional orchestra and to open their own cello studio for private lessons.